TBCR Journey

Travel Canada Virtually

Our system will map your progress on a virtual route across Canada. Every time you add a workout, you will also advance on the map. Not only can you see your avatar and others on the map, but you can also explore as you travel across Canada

The Big Canada Run is a virtual team challenge across Canada with two different routes and four challenges to choose from:

Leg 1 – Classic east-to-west route

Follow the Trans-Canada Highway from St. John’s, N.L. to Victoria, B.C., covering 8,000km.

Enjoy a virtual travel adventure and learn interesting facts and insights from 18 iconic Canadian cities while earning 18 milestone badges.

Leg 2 – Discover the west-north-east route

Start west and go up to Whitehorse, Yukon, and finish on the coast of N.L., covering 10,000km, visiting 10 incredible Canadian cities, and earning 10 milestone badges.

Maple Challenge

For teams wanting a bigger challenge, run, walk or hike 18,000 kilometres traveling Leg #1 and #2, exploring 26 iconic Canadian cities.

Cycling Maple Challenge (Leg #1 + Leg #2)

Your team has to complete the Maple Challenge, biking 18,000 km East to West, then North and back East.

Reach Milestones and Earn Fantastic Badges Along the Way

Throughout the challenge, as you complete certain distances, your team will earn achievement badges to brag about your journey with your friends.

When you reach each of the 26 featured cities, a fun and interesting article will await you to learn more about your surroundings and explore the city’s most exciting landmarks.