Questions About the Race and Swag

Q. How do I register for The Big Canada Run?

A. https://raceroster.com/events/2020/32380/the-big-canada-run

Q. What is The Big Canada Run?

A. TBCR is a virtual challenge of 8,000km that can be run as a team. You can also choose to go solo and run 800km.

Q. When does The Big Canada Run take place?

A. From July 1st, 2020 to July 1st, 2021 (from Canada Day to Canada Day)

Q. How many km per day is this craziness?

A. For a team of 10 runners, it’s just 2.2km per day to finish in 1 year. The more you run, the more team members, the faster you can finish.

Q: How do I find out more about the Charities you are helping?

A: Click here to learn more

Q: How does The Big Canada Run Work?

Team up with your friends to run 8,000k across Canada virtually on a pre-determined course from St. John’s, NL to Victoria, BC. 

Track your run on one of the many GPS tracking systems, upload your run, and watch your team move up the leaderboard.

Q. How much does The Big Canada Run cost?

A. $99 (until 15/10) CAD, includes free SWAG shipping to Canada and the USA

Q: Do I get a finisher’s medal?

A: Yes! When you finish, we will send the finisher’s medal to you.

Q. Do we get any SWAG?

A. YES! All runners that register will receive:

  • Personalized Official Printable Virtual Race BIB
  • An invitation to a participant-only Facebook group
  • Pre-mapped 8,000k course across the country
  • Leaderboard
  • Virtual travel experience through fun facts and photos of things you would see along the route

Plus, all runners that finish will receive:

  • Limited Edition Finisher’s medal
  • Multi-Functional Neck Gaiter
  • Virtual finisher’s badge

Q. Can I compete Internationally?

A. Yes! We just ask for a nominal $15 CAD for additional shipping charges if outside Canada and USA

Q. Who does The Big Canada Run benefit?

A. Please see our amazing causes here.

Q. Are there shipping charges?

A. No – shipping is included within Canada and the USA. Just $15 CAD for international shipping.

Q. When will I receive my SWAG?

A. We plan to start sending items out in mid-Fall. Teams, or individuals, need to finish the race to receive the swag.

Q: Can I register after July 1st?

A: Registration will close October 15 at 11:59PM EST. Or until the event is full. Whatever happens first!

Q: Can I change my zip, address, name, etc.

A: Yes, you can edit your registration information. Send us an email with the changes you want to make.

Q. How do I download my bib number to share on social media?

A. After registration, you should receive an email with your BIB number and printable. Please contact us at thebigruncanada@gmail.com for support.

Q: Are there refunds or transfers?

A: Registration for The Big Canada Run is non-refundable, non-deferrable and non-transferrable. Discounts are not retroactive.

Q: I live outside of Canada, can I still participate?

A: Absolutely! Of all the runners, about 15% live outside of Canada.

Questions About Teams

Q: How do I register/join a team?

A: At this stage of the race it is not possible to join/switch teams or modify team settings. 

You will register as an individual, and you will also be able to search for a team during registration and choose to join a team then. You can also create a new team during registration. For more information, visit our Results and Teams page.

Q: When does my team have to complete the challenge?

A: All teams must finish by Canada Day 2021, July 1st.

Q: Can I participate on multiple teams?

No, you must only compete on one team during the race.

Q. What happens if my teammates are not putting the work and do not finish the race? Will I get my SWAG?

A: YES! As long as you do your part of the race. For example. If your team is 10 runners, you need to run 800km. Do your part. Receive the SWAG.

Q: Can I run at the same time as another team member?

Yes, you can run at the same time as another team member. You will add your distance independently, but both will be added to your team distance.

Q. Do I have to be fast?

A: No! The goal is to team up with your friends and run this incredible journey! Just run, have fun, and finish the race.

Q. Is this a relay? 

A. YES and NO! You can race with a team or run solo for 800km. We encourage you to run with a team, though.

Q. How far do teams run/walk?

A. Teams will travel the full course; 8,000 km (5,000 miles) 

Q. How big can a team be?

A. Minimum 1, max is your imagination. Every team over 100 runners will receive a commemorative plaque.

Q. Do teams receive a discount?

A. Yes! If your team is ten runners or larger, contact us. We can hook you up with a 20% discount.

For teams with over 10 runners we provide a discount code for 20% off, it is important to ask for the discount code before registering the team as discounts are not retroactive.  

Please write to race@thebigcanadarun.ca before registering your team in order to provide the discount code previous to registration. 

Questions About Tracking

Q: How do I track and report my run?

You must track your run and self-report the time and distance of your run in your personal unique URL. 

Q: Can I run on a treadmill? What about Trail miles?

Yes, you may run either outdoors or on a treadmill. Yes, for Trail miles.

Q: Does walking count?

Yes! Running, walking, hiking, skipping, galloping, trotting – anything completed on foot can count! 

Q. Do I need a GPS watch/tracker or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?

A: You can use one if you wish, but we are on the honor system here. There are no additional awards given for running faster; just finish.

Q: Do I have to run a specific distance each day, or can I break it up and run more over the weekends?

A: You can run or walk as much or as little as you want on a given day. To earn your finisher’s medal, you’ll have to complete the race before July 1st, 2021.

Q: Do I have to run the whole way?

A: No. You can run or walk. 

Q: I’m running in another race during the same period as The Big Canada Run. Can I count those km?

A: Yes.

Q: If I register after the race starts on July 1st, 2020, can I include my kms since July 1st, 2020?

A: YES. If you register after July 1st, 2020 you can log all your kms since July 1st, 2020 and up until July 1st, 2021, remember this challenge is within the Honor System.

Q: How will I report my kilometers?

A: Refer to the “Tracking” section for full details.

Q: I don’t have time to log km on a regular basis. Is there an option to not have to do this?

A: Yes! Since it’s the Honor System, if you decide that you don’t want to enter your km regularly, and you don’t care about watching yourself vs. others on the leaderboard, you can log weekly, monthly, or you can keep up with your own km, and when you finish, send an email to us, and we’ll send your medal to you. We will start sending mid-Fall.