Find Your Tribe

This 2024, The Big Canada Run features five dynamic open teams so that you can find your tribe and participate in this 5th edition.

These open teams are perfect for individuals eager to embrace the challenge and join a supportive community. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a daily walker, a senior seeking wellness, or someone who loves to hit the pavement with your furry friend, there’s a tribe for you.

By joining one of these teams, you’ll connect with like-minded people who will motivate and uplift each other, sharing in the joy of fitness goals and progress. Simply choose the team that best represents you and register today. Let’s conquer this challenge together!

Meet the tribes:

Ladies Who Log

For fabulous women who seek wellness, this team comes together to log their kilometers and lift each other up, sharing in the joy of fitness goals and progress tracking with fun, motivation and camaraderie.

Distance: 8,000 kilometres (LEG #1)

Team Code: girlpower

Pace Obsessed

For serious running enthusiasts who strive for faster paces, This team is for those who want a new goal to challenge their limits.

Distance: 10,000 kilometres (LEG #2)

Team Code: fast

Daily Trek Troop

A team for daily walkers seeking motivation. This team is the perfect fit for those looking to add purpose to their strolls by working towards meaningful goals.

Distance: 10,000 kilometres (LEG #2)

Team Code: stroll

Pace and Paws Pack

A team for the canine-loving crew who hit the pavement with their four-legged friends in tow. This team invites dog owners to leash up, log their kilometres, and wag their way towards fitness goals.

Distance: 8,000 kilometres (LEG #1)

Team Code: puppy

Silver Striders Squad

For seasoned seniors over 60 embracing health and wellness. This team will motivate them to lace up and come together to log their kilometres or steps to complete a meaningful challenge.

Distance: 8,000 kilometres (LEG #2)

Team Code: silver

How to join an open team during registration:

  1. Go to the registration page here 
  2. Select your chosen team’s distance:
  • Ladies Who Log: 8,000 kilometres (LEG #1 Classic route)
  • Silver Striders Squad: 10,000 kilometres (LEG #2 Way-Back route)
  • Pace Obsessed: 10,000 kilometres (LEG #2 Way-Back route)
  • Paws and Pace Pack: 8,000 kilometres (LEG #1 Clasic route)
  • Daily Trek Troop:  (LEG #2 Way-Back route)
  1. Enter your shipping info
  2. In the Teams section, select the option “Join a team created by someone else”
  3. Choose your preferred team from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter tour Team Code
  5. Click continue and finish your registration process
  6. You will be automatically added to your favourite tribe.