A Team Run Across Canada

Track your Workouts

You can track all your kilometres (miles) directly into our website or our mobile iOS and Android apps.

You can enter an activity into the app either by manually entering its distance or by syncing your activities from your favorite fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Travel Canada Virtually

Our mobile app will map your progress on a virtual route across Canada. Every time you add a workout, you also advance on the map.

Not only can you see your avatar and others on the map, but you can also explore your virtual surroundings on Street View as you travel across Canada.


A team can be as little as 1 runner or as big as your imagination.

You will register as an individual. During the registration process, you can select which team you want to be added to or create your own.

There are 3 types of teams:

  • Private Teams: These teams can be set up by any participant and they set a password. You need the password for that specific team to be able to join.
  • Province Teams: If you don’t have a team you can join and share the journey with runners/walkers/hikers from your own province.
  • Charity Teams: Join your favourite charity’s team to raise awareness and contribute your kilometres to their cause.