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Cartwright, NL

The amazing journey across Canada ends here.

Established in 1775, Cartwright was named after Captain George Cartwright. He was an English merchant and adventurer who established a fish and fur trading business. The settlement of Cartwright provided him with an excellent sheltered harbour and FlagStaff Hill gave him a lookout point from which he could look for privateers. It’s located on the southeast coast with a population of around 550 people and its main industry is the crab fishery.

Air Labrador provides scheduled flights into Cartwright and it is also a major port for the offloading and distribution of freight to the north Labrador Coast. During the winter, there is a series of groomed trails that connects Cartwright to all other regions of Labrador. In 2002 Cartwright was connected to Red Bay via a gravel highway which opened up most of the southeast coast, and in 2009 it was connected to Central and Western Labrador via a gravel road.

If heading south, there is a half-hour time difference between Cartwright (Atlantic time, AST/ADT) and Port Hope Simpson (Newfoundland time, which continues to Forteau). The only way out by road is to rejoin the Trans-Labrador Highway mainline 90km south at Cartwright Junction (there’s nothing at this crossroads, no services, no fuel). One may then continue northwest to Goose Bay or south to Port Hope Simpson, Red Bay and Blanc Sablon-Forteau.

Cartwright is the end of the road.

You are officially Outstanding Eh! You have completed The Big Canada Run with flying colours. What a fantastic journey! Congratulations to you and your team!