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Runners, you have arrived to Moncton, New Brunswick, the Hub of the Maritimes, and, overall, a city where the wonders of nature will blow your mind. Big Time.

So let’s start big, like really big. Have you heard about the Flowerpot Rocks? Well, if you haven’t, no worries, you are definitely never going to forget them.

At Hopewell Cape, the tides from the Bay of Fundy, have carved these incredible sea stacks. These pillars officially named Hopewell Rocks tower up to 21 meters above the ocean floor.

At the top, some trees grew when the pillars were part of the surrounding cliffs, making the rocks look like giant terracotta flower pots.

But we will not stop here. The Bay of Fundy is also known for its Tidal Bore. Twice a day, the rising tide speeds through the Bay of Fundy, producing the world’s highest tides.

The best place to see the natural phenomenon is Tidal Bore Park in downtown Moncton, where a clock will tell you when to expect the next bore. Moncton’s most famous attraction almost disappeared for many years, when a causeway interrupted the flow of the tidal river, it was later removed restoring the famed Tidal Bore.

One of the many other natural marvels here in Moncton is Magnetic Hill, where objects seemingly roll uphill. Many people go there and put their cars in neutral, and, like magic, they see it roll uphill all on its own. Wonder what would happen when you run there.

Now that you are here, but you are not staying long, because you are running so many kilometers lately, why don’t you check out the world’s largest lobster sculpture in the nearby Shediac town that proclaims itself the lobster capital of the world?

In the center of Moncton, you will find Centennial Park, a vast park with woodlands and recreational spaces that allow many fun activities, such as a swimming pool and beach, picnic facilities, lawn bowling, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

This is where you want to go for a run in Moncton, as there are paved trails for hikers and cyclists.

In the winter, the park is famous for skiing, it has Eastern Canada’s longest lighted cross-country ski trail.

You are now very close to the next stop of The Big Canada Run, it is time to hit the road and keep running.

Photo credits: Instagram @experiencemoncton @parks.canada @destinationnb @stitcher_girl campcentennial.ca

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