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Prince George,

Coming Together

Prince George is a beautiful small city in central British Columbia.

The city lies at the confluence of the Nechako and Fraser rivers, 487 miles (784 km) north of Vancouver by road. It originated in 1807 when Simon Fraser established a North West Company fur-trading post, Fort George, on the site. 

The settlement grew with the coming of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (1913). Prince George is now the focus of the province’s central and northern transportation systems and regional administration. Its economy is linked with the forest industries, minerals, oil and natural gas, and hydropower of the interior regions. Prince George College was opened in 1962. 

The City of Prince George sits on the traditional lands of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation, whose name means “people where the rivers come together” in the Carrier language. The City’s logo reflects this “coming together” in the way it depicts the confluence of railways, highways, and rivers that give rise of PG’s reputation as Northern BC’s service hub. 

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Prince George’s highways and railways, in particular, are complemented by an international airport and these vital transportation links connect local residents and businesses, resources (primarily forest products energy, minerals and metals), and agricultural products to markets around the world. 

Prince George is a city of 74,000 people that offers all of the amenities of larger Canadian cities. Arts, shopping, restaurants, breweries, a winery, nightlife, healthcare, higher education – we have it all! But you will still get smiles and hellos as you walk down our safe and friendly streets.

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Furthermore, Prince George offers unparalleled access to outdoor recreation that contributes to the city’s high quality of life and standards of living. The Fraser and Nechako rivers are focal points of an extensive park and trail system and there are more than 100 parks and green spaces that comprise an area about five times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Other attractions include five ski hills within a two-hour drive from the city and many opportunities for year-round outdoor activities from camping to snowshoeing.

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You will find endless amenities, shopping, arts and entertainment for indoor and outdoor enthusiasts in Prince George.

And if you’re hard-pressed to pick a favourite club or activity, choose more than one: soccer, baseball, slo-pitch, rugby, football, horseback riding, yoga, rock climbing, drama, music, martial arts, snowboarding, skiing, pottery, cycling, running (that is why we are here), lawn bowling, painting, fly fishing, squash, snowmobiling, badminton, tennis, hockey, figure skating, hiking, and more!

Enjoy this beautiful piece of Canada.

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