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St. John’s is one of the oldest and most easterly cities in North America, appearing on maps as early as 1519. It has become a rare destination full of character and charisma, with a contemporary, sophisticated edge.

The capital of Newfoundland and Labrador is the perfect combination of big-city luxury and traditional small-town charm. In the 1950s, Gander, Newfoundland, was the world’s busiest airport! Before the invention of the jetliner, Gander was the launch point and refueling station for almost all transatlantic flights. Newfoundland is 108,900 sq. Km in area, the 15th largest island in the world.

There are no snakes, skunks, deer, porcupines, or groundhogs on the island of Newfoundland, but keep your eyes open; you may spot a whale, as there are 22 species of whales that live nearby. Or maybe you spot a moose, that are not native to Newfoundland, but after being introduced in 1904, today there are more than 115,000 on the island.

Funny thing, the speech accents in Waterford, Ireland, and St. John’s, Newfoundland, are nearly identical.

For the dog lovers, did you know that two dog breeds are named after the province: the enormous, gentle, web-footed Newfoundland and the most popular dog breed in the world, the Labrador.

Did you know there are Vikings in the area? Yeah, they got here and established in L'anse Aux Meadows 500 years before Columbus.

Fancy a beer after your run? Look no more, as there are more pubs per square foot on George Street in St. John’s than anywhere else in Canada.

So go on, go for that run, and see you soon.

photo credits by: © Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Instagram
@chelseylawrencephotography, L’anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site @chelseylawrencephotography, Witless Bay
@roamnl, Bay St. George.

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