Welcome to

Fredericton, NB

What a beautiful place to run, the Atlantic Canada's riverfront capital.

Runners, you have arrived to Fredericton, NB.

With this weather, we need to start with a beer, and it is a good thing you are here because Fredericton is the craft beer brewing town of Canada. Just as Halifax, this is thanks to the many students living in the city.

In recent years, Fredericton has been recognized as a tech hub for Startup companies as the government supports many initiatives to retain the talent that comes from the local universities. Hmm, wonder if all the beer is one of those initiatives.

If you want to buy a house and live in a paradisiac city, Fredericton may be the best choice for you. House prices are 25% to 50% less than in other Canadian cities. And there are amazing trails and parks for running with 88 kilometers of hiking trails and the Saint John River winding through the city.

The city hosts the annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, attracting regional and international jazz, blues, rock, and world artists. Many of New Brunswick’s notable artists live and work in Fredericton. It is a vital centre point for the region’s top visual artists.

Find a spot, enjoy some music, do some stretches, and go for a run.

Photo credits From tourismfredericton.ca/en Instagram: @kismet_photography @s.a.glenn @brentnarvie @wayfindergirl @fredtourism @fionasnapz

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